Privacy Policy

Grupo Gesbanha respects the privacy and data security from our clients, employees and partners, in guidance with the ongoing laws of data protection such as: General Data Protection Regulation EU_2016-679 and Law 58/2019 from August 8th.


Processing personal data (name, e-mail address, phone number and eventually, the company the data holder works for), is conducted by Grupo Gesbanha with the following lawfulness:

Free express of consent from the internal and external employees, potential clients in trade consultations, information requests (Contact form in our webpage) and our communications’ subscribers such as newsletters, informative notes and/or information about events;

  • Within the contract of the services we provide, settled with Clients as well as internal and external employees
  • And also providing answer to the legal obligations that we are subject to.

In addition, we collect data from our webpage’s visitors, using cookies according our published cookie policy.


Grupo Gesbanha is endeavored in ensuring the security of provided personal data through the adoption of multiple security measures, of technical and organizational nature, for data protection against its diffusion, loss, incorrect use, modification, access or non-authorized access as well as any other form of illicit use.


 Grupo Gesbanha might use third-parties to provide certain services, within maintenance or technical support, where these third-parties might have access to certain personal data, particularly the ones necessary for the contractual goals. Whenever such happens, Grupo Gesbanha qualifies these in order to obtain enough guarantees that ensure their treatment meets GDPR’s requirements, ensuring the protection of the rights of our users and their personal data.

Grupo Gesbanha might also transfer your personal data to companies of the same group, but only in the situation that the transfer is required to meet the goals these are meant for, such as providing results to trade consultations requested by potential clients (through the contact form in our webpage) about the services provided by the Group’s companies.


Grupo Gesbanha receives, stores, processes, uses and publishes collected Trade information, organized and provided by the Group’s companies that can, at any given time and without prior notice, modify the content of this information and its configuration, blocking total or partially, access to this information.

Grupo Gesbanha’s portal contains links for the Group’s companies, as well as the digital platforms associated with these companies such as Linkedin and Facebook (or Instagram, Messenger, or any other Facebook service).

All these digital platforms resources and services (particularly Linkedin and Facebook) are in line with each platform’s privacy policy and configuration options. Grupo Gesbanha does not take any responsibility for these platforms’ content or for their alignment with the applicable laws and regulations.


According with our retention policy, personal data shall be destroyed as soon as is lawfulness and finality terminates or whenever requested by his or her holder by e-mail to Email RGPD with the subject ‘’Remove’’

Particularly, it will be destroyed personal data related to:

  • Candidates to Collaborators, up to 6 months after receiving the application, unless the candidate has been interviewed;
  • Clients including trainees, up to 5 years after the termination of the contract, excluding the mandatory tax information.
  • Communications’ subscribers, up to 10 years.


As a holder of personal data, you have the following rights:

  • Right to obtain the confirmation if your personal data is or object of treatment, or not. If that is the case, you also hold the right to access your personal data and access to information stated by Law.
  • Right of Grupo Gesbanha rectifying, without justified delay, your inaccurate or incomplete data.
  • Right of request the erase of your data, without justified delay, whenever one of the following reasons applies:
    1. Your personal data are no longer needed to meet the end of its collection or treatment.
    2. You have removed your consent for data treatment (whenever this data treatment is based on your consent) and there is any other reason that justifies its treatment.
    3. You are against the treatment e there are no longer legit interests that justify its treatment.
  • Right of request limiting your data treatment whenever:
    1. Questioning its accuracy, within the period that allows Grupo Gesbanha to verify its accuracy;
    2. The data treatment is legit and the data holder is against erasing the personal data, soliciting the limitation of its use.
    3. Grupo Gesbanha no longer needs the personal data for treatment, but the data is required by the holder for declaration purposes, exercise or defense of a right in a court process;
  • If the data treatment depends on your consent, you have the right to remove it.
  • Right to file a complaint for the Control Authority, which in Portugal is CNPD


Should you pretend to exercise your rights, you should contact us through e-mail to Email RGPD or through post to the headquarters’ address. To ensure your protection we might ask for you for proof of identity.

Grupo Gesbanha reserves the right of periodically review the current policy, where we recommend you to often review the webpage