Our Culture

Grupo Gesbanha was established in 1986, and it is with great satisfaction and pride that, after thirty-four years, we are still able to keep developing our business mission by rendering services to the Community based in a set of principles and skills that inspire trust in a sustained, socially fair and economically viable manner.

Guiding Principles

Our commitment and the ongoing goal to deliver added value to our partners is only possible through an organizational culture properly structured and understood by our teams which work daily according to 6 Key Guiding Principles:

Guiding Principles

In Grupo Gesbanha we believe and implement work environments that promote innovation and flexibility. Only in contexts in which we can be innovative we have the chance to become relevant, and consequently, we can be attentive to possible changes and outcomes. Specifically, we have a critical spirit in performing our projects and initiatives, always searching for the most innovative and effective solutions in the market, and introducing multidisciplinary techniques that allow us to be flexible in attending our clients’ needs.

The essence of our teams and our work is based in Trust. With transparency and reliability, we develop relationships of respect, security, and self-sufficiency, ensuring that we are at the forefront to be the first choice of our clients. Thus, when they have to select a partner for their endeavours and challenges, they know that they have in Grupo Gesbanha’s staff professionals that will advise them in a structured way, providing them with the tools needed to build solutions of high added value.

Our way of working is based not only on what we know today but mostly in what we believe will be tomorrow. Future societies will be based on ecosystems of permanent information sharing between knowledge networks. Thus, our bet is to present solutions that are based on a deep and cooperative knowledge of the contexts where our clients work and in a detailed analysis of their own needs.

We are focused and dedicated to planning, which added to the flexibility in introducing permanent adjustments, allows us to know the clear priorities known and shared throughout the Grupo. However, we believe that the Organizations most prepared for the future are the ones that bet in smart learning, focusing in the ongoing improvement of the activities and the constant adaptation to the reality, increasingly complex, of its clients.

The mission and vision of the companies comprising Grupo Gesbanha are based on the principle of relevant and significative contribution to the economic and social development of the Society. Assuming that our Society’s resources are limited, we look for new opportunities and approaches in our endeavors and clients that promote sustainability as a whole, ensuring also the responsible follow-up of their activities.

In a competitive context increasingly pluri thematic and complex, Grupo Gesbanha assumes in its DNA the need to contribute to the important and significative transformation of its partners. Thus, and in a cross-sectional way to the developed activities, we work daily to analyze, create and make available the critical information essential to the decision-making processes and enable our teams and, mainly, our clients, in a way to make them valuable assets in building an added value future.

Key Skills

Our learning process throughout the years has been continuous and dynamic. Based on these assumptions, in Grupo Gesbanha, we are proud to develop our activities according to a set of 6 skills that we consider critical to our success in our different work areas:

Key Competences

The long-term relationships with our clients allow us to provide a wide range of solutions based on innovation, learning and flexibility

We provide services, whether in management, Corporate Finance, or Education, according to what we have committed to, having in mind high ethical values and of professional use

In an environment filled with uncertainty and pressure due to the competitiveness in our line of work, we have been developing our resilience based in a strong policy of maintaining our Human Resources and of hiring high added value professionals

We work, every year, with hundreds of stakeholders, of different business lines, locations, and realities. This proximity relationship allows us to know well the traits of their realities, understand their needs, and design the best solutions to each one of them, transforming the solutions of some in answers to other’s needs

We pay attention to the most demanding requirements of each client and we are available to, jointly, search the requested new solutions that allow an ongoing adaptation to the market and all its surrounding community

The compliance with the legal and regulatory laws, policies, and codes of conduct of our clients is a key part of our core business