Grupo Gesbanha CEO Message

In the month that we celebrate the 34th anniversary of Gesbanha, it is, with a great deal of joy and satisfaction, that we present you the new Corporate Website of our Organization, in which ww will be sharing, in a cumulative, systematized, and digital manner, the Value Proposal that we, so proudly and humbly, have been providing to the Portuguese Society.

Just like in other moments of our History, as a company, I am well aware that this is a justified decision, which is in line with the challenges that the market and the society keep facing us with, allowing us to evolve, change, differentiate and position ourselves comparing to the competition. All this in an increasingly complex, uncertain and whimsical world in which we work in..

It is up to us, as Managers, to lead the path of our Organizations. In this sense, if our Purpose has always been (and will always be) to support the sustained development and decision-making process of our Clients (ensuring the ongoing drive of our teams, the commitment of our stakeholders and the generation of positive impact), our Value Proposition could not be other than using customized solutions based in the aggregated knowledge, skills and professionalism of our Staff, supported by dynamic and optimized processes and tools.

As a centralized, safe, and customized access point of all the content and applications of Grupo Gesbanha, this new means of communication is intended to be the platform that allows our Clients and Partners, current and future, to know a little more about our History, our foundations, and our organizational culture, and, at the same time, to share data, information, and knowledge – in a working environment both integrated and of cultural openness – in the scope of this knowledge.

So, I expect that this Corporate Website may be how our Clients, Partners, and Friends access the information on the services’ portfolio of Grupo Gesbanha, and that they can be, this way, directed to the services’ lines and Companies or, ultimately, to other specific webpages of Gesbanha’s “brands”.

In line with the tagline Aggregation and Systematization, I say farewell to you all, hoping that you enjoy the contents and information available and contact us with your precious feedback about this new milestone of our Group!

Thank you all so very much,

Francisco Banha

10th October 2020