A GesLearning – Educação para o Futuro, Lda is a consulting and advising company in Education, focused on designing, consulting, and implementing original educational projects, and creating specialized pedagogical resources.

We promote Education for the Future

Resulting from a GesEntrepreneur’s spin-off, that took place in 2015, GesLearning develops educational solutions that boost growth, innovation, success, and social impact factors in educative industries, both public and private, namely Intermunicipal Communities, Municipalities, Educational Communities, Higher Education, Innovation Clusters, Companies, and Social Economy

Planos Educativos


Planos Educativos




The company’s main goal is to be a benchmark in Education for the Future, distinguishing itself for designing plans, projects, programs, and resources in education and training, made with a smart and sustainable approach to ensure transforming and significative experiences and courses.

The guiding lines that distinguish us

GesLearning presents a distinguished methodology and approach, with idea generation and project implementation (1) made in a cooperation, partnership, and knowledge and experiences’ transfer environment, cultural exchange and cooperative work, and (2) inspired by best practices, the wiser advisers and the most innovative and disruptive methodologies.

GesLearning’s work is based in here core guiding lines:

  • Adoption of a sustainable and smart approach of education, based on past experiences, present challenges, and tomorrow’s responsibility to present educational solutions with a mission and vision for the future, led by indexes and skills to be accomplished and ruled with efficiency, transparency, legal reporting, and sustainable growth
  • The belief that the difference is in knowledge share and transfer, privileging the production/innovation that uses the transfer of knowledge, networks, and experiences between relevant areas in Education. In this context, the proposed solutions are idealized and designed based on a deep knowledge of educational contexts and the detailed analysis of its needs
  • Focus in creating transforming and significative educational experiences, believing that the Education for the Future only exists when these two features become effective both in individual and organizational point of view, being a protagonist of empowerment and social, cultural, and economic development of communities and population, and promoting global cohesion and belonging.
  • Francisco Banha – Chairman & CEO
  • Miguel Gonçalves – Partner & Managing Director
  • Alexandre Almeida – Partner
  • Ana Mineiro – Partner
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