GesEntrepreneur – Empreendedorismo Sustentável, Lda is a company dedicated to entrepreneurship training and educational advisory

DGERT - Entidade Formadora Certificada

This certification means that the procedures and practices of GesEntrepreneur are according to a specific quality referential for training

We promote an entrepreneurial culture for the Society

GesEntrepreneur’s mission is to use education and training as a way to promote an entrepreneurial culture in different contexts, boosting economic and social development.

The projects developed by GesEntrepreneur are based on a pedagogical methodology focused on students/learners, in which they build their knowledge by participating in different activities. In the last 14 years, GesEntrepreneur developed its work in the national market, Portugal, having also worked in Latin America, Africa, and other countries from Europe and Asia.

The company was established in April 2006, as an expression of the will of two great entrepreneurs, Francisco Banha and Chris Curtis – CEO of CG Internacional, a company with over 25 years of experience in promoting and facilitating entrepreneurship all over the world.


This overall operational experience of teams from GesEntrepreneur is shown by the work undertaken in over 150 national and autonomous regions and municipalities, embodied by its professionals’ intervention in about 2050 teaching establishments both in the national (involving about 110 thousand learners and over 5500 facilitators) and international territory..

At the same time, GesEntrepreneur has been working in 2 complementary segments, namely Business Qualification (with Workshops, Bootcamps, Mentoring Sessions, and Idea Contests) and Consulting (custom-designed projects – e.g.: Partilha com Energia EDP Produção, Caixa de Ideias CGD, Tourism Creative Factory).

Learning by doing

Daily, GesEntrepreneur’s professionals work with teachers/facilitators seeking to develop relevant content to students, according to the methodology Learning by doing:

GesEntrepreneur Methodology

Focused on the learner, based on the development of the person and in the needed skills to be an entrepreneur.

Splits the teaching/learning process into small steps easily achievable.

Is multifaceted and built-in, adapting to several learning ways.

Is based on experience, where actions shape attitudes.

“Actions shape attitudes”

As a dynamic company, we invest, every year, time, and work in Curriculum Research and Development. Thus, our methodology, and its contents, result and reflect much of the aggregated experience of thousand of hours in the field, both from the Team and the Education Professionals that work in GesEntrepreneur’s projects.

Just with this guiding line of ongoing evolution, we can promote our mission of betting in education and training as a way to promote an entrepreneurial culture in different contexts, boosting economic and social development.

  • Francisco Banha – Chairman & CEO
  • Chris Curtis – Partner
  • Miguel Gonçalves – Partner & Managing Director
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