37 Years of Experience

In Grupo Gesbanha we work daily to be a constant reference in implementing management and innovation’s best practices in our clients, contributing not only to the generation of added value for these organizations/entities but also for the sustained economic growth of Portugal






Our Services

Throughout our 36 years of History, we always considered critical to innovate in the value offer to our Clients. Currently, we are a national reference in the areas of Management and Consulting, Fundraising & Corporate Finance, and Entrepreneurship and Education.

Our Companies

Grupo Gesbanha comprises 5 companies, independent of one another’s, at operation and tax levels, but that benefit from Management, Resources, and Quality synergies

Logo Gesbanha, S.A.
Since 1986

Management services, namely in the Accounting, Payroll, Taxation, Strategic and Operations Consulting areas

Logo Gesventure, S.A.
Since 1999

Strategic and financial consulting services in Fundraising & Corporate Finance

Logo GesEntrepreneur
Since 2006

Training and educational advisory services focused in the Entrepreneurship area

Logo GesEvolution
Since 2009

Synergetic services of the different skills of the Group’s companies

Logo GesLearning
Since 2015

Consulting and advising services in the creative and innovative Education area

Our Culture

From Innovation to Trust, Credibility and Multidisciplinarity, the organizational culture of Grupo Gesbanha is based in a set of Guiding Principles and Key Skills that we apply in the goals and in the daily activities of our Companies.

Looking Towards the Future

“I mostly believe that the ones that now have the opportunity to find out what it is to be an entrepreneur, are the ones that tomorrow will question the reality and will present new solutions for the future.”

Francisco Banha, Chairman & CEO


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